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Warranty Policy

Customers will receive a one-year warranty on all products purchased from excluding purchases made during seasonal sales or products listed in the ‘Last Chance’ section of our online store. The warranty claim must be brought to our attention no later than one month after the customer has realised the fault.

All warranty returns are to be handled through the retailer or place of purchase. If you purchased your product via, please complete our warranty claim form here, making sure to reference your order number and provide as much detail as possible. If you purchased your product via one of our registered retailers, please contact the retailer to begin the warranty claim. To register your warranty claim the seller will require a proof of purchase.

UGLOW Sport warrants all new products to be free from manufacturing or material defects for up to one year from the date of purchase. This warranty applies only to defects discovered within the warranty period and only to the original owner of the product. If the product has been re-sold to a new owner then the warranty period will no longer be valid.

Warranty Conditions

Our Warranty Policy cannot be enforced in the case of:

– Normal and reasonable wear and tear of the product

– Defects caused by the storage or poor maintenance of the product

– Damages due to modifications of the product made by the customer

– Any damage caused by sharp or rough items resulting in a rip or tear or a fall or crash (in these instances please see our Crash Protection Policy)

– The customer making the claim is not the original purchaser

– The customer making the claim is not able to provide a proof of purchase

Warranty Action

UGLOW Sport withholds the right to decide on whether the product in question will be either a) repaired or b) replaced with a new product. Both options will be at no charge to the customer excluding any shipping fees incurred. UGLOW Sport guarantees that the repair or replacement of the product will take place within what is considered a reasonable period of time. UGLOW Sport reserves the right to reject all warranty claims.

Crash Replacement Policy

When we’re racing or training on the edge of our limits we appreciates that crashes or falls take place. If this has happened to you, we hope you are okay. To help you get back to performing at full speed, UGLOW Sport is committed to offering 50% off the RRP of the same product as a replacement. If the like-for-like product (size and colour) is not available at the time UGLOW Sport reserves the right to recommend a replacement product of the same RRP. To begin your Crash Replacement claim please click here:

  1. – Your proof of purchase
  2. – Photo evidence of the damaged product
  3. – An explanation

Please note that our Crash Protection Policy is only valid on purchases made via and does not extend to purchases made from one of our registered retailers.