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Our mission is to encourage movement, health and well-being by producing sports apparel that elevates our experience and your performance. Our production methods continue to lead the way and our understanding of the properties and capabilities of our fabrics guarantee a product you can trust in the toughest conditions. We strive to encourage individuality and for our community to connect globally. Our choice of clothing should not limit us but encourage stronger performance with style and elegance.

As competitive athletes, we understand the need for comfortable, lightweight, and functional clothing. For the recreational athlete and the elites among us, we experience numerous elements which are out of our control. We are responsible to our community for producing products that will stand up to the elements and improve comfort and performance. This is in our DNA and our promise to our community.


Our first 100% Stitch-Free collection was created in 2015 and was subsequently recognised as the world’s first 100% Stitch-Free sports clothing collection. Stitch-Free textile assembly is made possible using Thermo and Ultrasonic Bonding technology to seal seams. Our products are not seamless; they are 100% Stitch-Free.

Our small team is passionate, agile and un-restricted with the capacity to design, test and develop servicing the intricate needs of our community while being experts in producing Stitch-Free apparel. We live and breathe our craft and find motivation each day to produce the world’s best running, cycling and lifestyle apparel. We have created our own path and we are still only just getting started.


We combine Stitch-Free technology with Magnetize™ to remove unnecessary zips from our products. Our Magnetize™ closing system which features on pockets, wrist, and ankle cuffs introduces a new level of efficiency and product customisation for the athlete.


We use cutting edge laser technology for precise finishes enabling complex patterns, round edges and acute angles. Our team are highly skilled in using laser cutting machinery ensuring a premium finish and a vast number of product options plus variations.


Following years of testing, development and understanding we have sourced the super soft and lightweight materials which are unique to UGLOW and our Collections. Your experience as an athlete is incredibly important to us and it is our goal to maximise your comfort, speed and enjoyment while wearing our products.


We believe in self belief, creating your own path and following that path. From this belief stemmed our brand name: YOU GLOW became UGLOW.

Our first company was founded in 2011 and was known as UGLOW Ltd. This allowed us to build our brand foundations and in 2012 we designed and manufactured our first collection with a purpose to enhance night time visibility for recreational or industrial use. This collection filled a gap in the market at the time for high visibility night time apparel and accessories which make the user seen and safe.

This first collection created excitement and interest from global retailers and we received requests for more conventional running, cycling and lifestyle apparel. Entering the highly competitive sports apparel market required a point of difference for the UGLOW brand to stand out. UGLOW’s CEO and Founder, Romain Jean De Dieu, drove UGLOW with innovations in fully bonded textile assembly utilising premium fabrics in search of ultimate comfort and performance.

UGLOW designed the the first range of 100% Stitch-Free running apparel in 2015 and continues to develop stitch-free apparel across our Run, Ride, Live and Warrior Collections.

We’re the #championsofcomfort always learning, developing and performing.


  • 2016


Uglow brand's most amazing collaborations are a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in sportswear. Collaborations with top athletes( HOKA ELITE TEAM), designers, and brands have resulted in cutting-edge products that combine performance and style. From Google to HOKA Deckers Brands etc., Uglow's collaborations / R&D offer something to everyone looking for the most performing & functional apparel.

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Our production team has full control from fabric production to final product assembly and delivery. This approach provides the highest quality and reliability on our products and maximum flexibility within our operations. Our fabrics are developed in collaboration with our long term partners sourcing premium polyester, recycled polyester and polyamide fabrics. Our outer layer garments have been developed using a tailor made membrane combination to ensure premium waterproofing, breathability and performance properties.

Hong Kong is positioned as our primary shipping hub with efficient access to all corners of the globe. Our fulfilment warehouse is integrated within Hong Kong’s international shipping port which allows your order to be processed, packaged and shipped as quickly as possible removing any transport delays. We’re excited to be opening our second fulfilment hub in Europe (France) later this year, which will service all European customers with deliveries in 2-3 days from the order date.