| WHO |

We are a division under interacting with our customers to create the ultimate most personalized projects.

We are taking your craziest CUSTOMISATION ideas and bringing them to life.

| WHAT | customizes all your favorite UGLOW products*.

You are the spark, master of your creativity! We drive and bring your personal project into life.

1/Create, sketch and submit your artwork to

2/We materialise your project in 3D renderings

( *customization available on compatible items only)

 | HOW |

Projects are designed in direct interaction between our customers  & our designers.

Project accessibility starts from 1 pc* because we know it is important to remain accessible to everyone, we sometimes really want and deserve to be unique, right ?

We have a Bulk price list offering attractive price per volume.

*Project for 1 pc are majored by 1.5X. Each project is long to produce and single item projects are more expensive to create in general.

 | WHEN |

Our designers take your brief to produce the project, we leave the project open for PRE-ORDERS, then the project is closed so we can start production.

From production to delivery we give ourselves 30 days to reach your doorstep.*

*( this is a standard leadtime, and it may vary upon few factors. Our team will notify you throughtout the whole process)