MY UGLOW is an extension of UGLOW Sport, an
independent running, cycling and lifestyle brand
established in 2015. We hand-craft innovative and well
considered products for training, racing and the toughest
conditions. Our style is unique and we encourage
individual expression.

Our production methods are responsible and we take pride in our reputation for being the world’s first 100% StitchFree clothing brand. By combining the finest materials and precision production methods the result is lightweight, functional and irritation free. We improve comfort and push the boundaries of performance.

We have created our own path and we are still only just getting started.

Join us?


Our small team is passionate, agile and un-restricted with the capacity to design, test and develop servicing the intricate needs of our community. We live and breathe our craft and find motivation each day to produce the world’s best running, cycling and lifestyle apparel.

We work with a collective of skilled designers and apparel experts to produce apparel which will improve your performance, enhance your level of comfort and help you stand out on the start line.

Our production team is located in Dongguan, China. Many of the team have been with us since the beginning and have become experts in Stitch-Free textile assembly featuring thermo and ultrasonic bonding. Our production facility focuses solely on UGLOW Sport and MY UGLOW products, meaning we have full control of our production flow and can launch a new design into our schedule for both large and small quantity orders.