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UTMB, See You in 2021

The inevitable announcement was made this week that UTMB 2020 would be cancelled due to COVID-19.

The decision is a disappointment for thousands of runners who have qualified, trained and set their sights on taking part in the biggest trail running race in the world. And then we have the event organizers, sponsors and local businesses which are so invested in UTMB.

BUT, there is always next year!

The announcement has made us re-cap the highlights of recent UTMB races and we look back no further than 2018 when Francesca Canepa conquered her UTMB dream. Francesca stayed determined and committed throughout the 172.5 kilometers before turning into Chamonix totop the podium and inspire the trail running community.

Francesca was a UGLOW Athlete at the time – we shared a great partnership & we were always touched by Francesca’s passion and desire.

In 2018, Kevin Vermeulen (UGLOW Athlete at the time) finished 3rd in the OCC after coming out on top in a battle all way to the line.

After finishing 2nd at UTMB in 2018, UGLOW Athlete, Robert Hajnal, was a quiet contender for the 2019 race, but unfortunately things did not go to plan and Robert was forced to withdraw.

For anybody who has been part of UTMB as a competitor or a spectator they will understand how special the event is. We can’t wait for the event toreturn in 2021 and we wish you all the best with your journey to the start line.Bon courage,