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Introducing the UGS Tee, an ultra-fast dry and lightweight t-shirt designed for racing and various outdoor activities. Made with ripstop fabric, this tee offers exceptional durability and performance.

The UGS Tee is specifically engineered for speed and agility. Its ultra-fast dry properties ensure that moisture is quickly wicked away, keeping you dry and comfortable during intense races. The lightweight construction allows for unrestricted movement, enabling you to perform at your best.

Utilizing a hybrid technology of bonding and stitching, the UGS Tee combines the benefits of both techniques. This innovative approach enhances the tee’s structural integrity, durability, and overall performance. The bonding and stitching work in harmony to provide a reliable and long-lasting product.

As part of our new range of UGLOW products, the UGS Tee offers excellent value with its competitive price point. We believe that high-quality performance gear should be accessible to all athletes, and the UGS Tee embodies that philosophy.


    -Ultra-fast dry and lightweight t-shirt designed for racing and outdoor activities.
    -Made with ripstop fabric for exceptional durability and performance.
    -Utilizes hybrid technology of bonding and stitching for enhanced structural integrity.
    -Part of the new range of UGLOW products with a competitive price point.
    -Incorporates STITCH & Thermo and Ultrasonic Bond technologies for unparalleled functionality and performance.
    -Offers excellent moisture-wicking properties and unrestricted movement for optimal comfort during intense activities.
    – Weight : 56g (Size: S)
    – Fabric & Component: Ripstop / 100% Polyester.

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