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Uglow SHORT3: light as a feather and smooth as nothing else before

Fill up with freshness and lightness, the Uglow short 3 is extremely pleasant to wear and offer unparalleled comfort. This mini format gives you maximum performance throughout your running session in hot weather.


A model that resists the attacks of time

Its heat-bonded construction gives you excellent comfort and strength to handle long distances.


The successful combination of comfort and convenience

The SHORT3  features built-in underwear for more comfort. Its elastic waist sits gently on your skin for a comfortable fit. Its lateral openings bring a good dose of freedom of movement to your stride.



    100%THERMO BONDED: comfort, lightness, and durability
    HIGH-TECH: Stitch-Free and UltraSonic-Stitch Free
    BUILT-IN: comfort and hygiene with its inner underwear
    STRETCH SIZE: adjustable fit
    IRRITATIONS FREE: super soft, fresh, ultra-light and stretchy
    VISIBILITY/SECURITY: reflective elements

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