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This might be the most versatile running tight we’ve ever made. Light, durable and fast with a built-in 360 Stretch Waist Belt to store everything you need for your next race or trail adventure.

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Rose Quartz



Store your essentials in the 360 Stretch Waist Belt for maximum versatility and quick access mid-stride. 500ml soft flask, phone, jacket, keys or nutrition – pack it in and keep moving forwards with no bounce.


The Speed Free Aero Long Tight is designed for intense workouts and personal bests when you need to go that extra distance. Utilising our finest nylon / spandex fabric blend, the SFA Long Tight provides plenty of stretch to keep your stride long and free, while ensuring the support you need to stay focused on the workout. Move free, move fast & go long.


100% Stitch-Free thermo-bonded seam construction creates a precise and smooth finish, reducing friction and improving comfort. The 360 Stretch Waist Band hugs your hips and lower stomach ensuring a stable and fixed position. Laser cut holes improve the breathability of the 360 Stretch Waist Band.


After twelve months of testing and development working with Jeremie Gachet, France’s No. 1 Spartan Athlete, the SFA Long Tight has overcome hundreds of obstacles and come out on top of the podium. We know the SFA Long Tight can withstand any test and is just as suited to long distance OCR & Spartan racing as it is to ultra trail and road athletes.


    – 100% Stitch-Free ultrasonic bonding construction
    – Designed for long distance ultra trail and road running
    – 360 Stretch Waist Band with laser cut holes for enhanced breathability
    – Above knee and reverse logo detailing
    – Materials SFA Long Tight: 75% nylon / 25% spandex
    – Materials 360 Stretch Waist Belt: 100% polyamide
    – Weight: 170 grams


    - Hand wash: we recommend washing by hand or (if you need to) by machine wash on a cold and delicate setting inside a laundry bag to prevent damage.

    - Use cold water: hot water will weaken the bonding which allows our products to be 100% Stitch-Free. Water temperature should be set to no more than 30 degrees and we recommend using a trusted laundry detergent, but no softeners.

    - Hang dry: garments should be hung and dried in a well ventilated area out of direct or harsh sunlight. Not suitable for machine or tumble dry.

    - Do not iron: not recommended under any circumstances.

    If you follow these guidelines your products will continue to perform for longer to the level you and we expect.

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