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Designed to keep your ears, fore and rear head warm in chilly conditions. Constructed with a soft brush finish for a smooth connection with your forehead. Packs small and easily transportable.

$ 17

Bleached Aqua


Designed for all conditions, the Run Head Band keeps the head and ears warm while removing sweat from the forehead and your hair from your eyes. The head band retains shape and stays in place when you run, removing any bounce. The double brush is soft against the skin and reflective UGLOW logo detailing keeps you visible at night.


    – 100% Stitch-Free high frequency bonding technology
    – Soft touch finish
    – Reflective logo detailing
    – Available in Small, Medium and Large
    – Materials: 75% Polyester & 25% Elastane
    – Fabric


    - Hand wash: we recommend washing by hand or (if you need to) by machine wash on a cold and delicate setting inside a laundry bag to prevent damage.

    - Use cold water: hot water will weaken the bonding which allows our products to be 100% Stitch-Free. Water temperature should be set to no more than 30 degrees and we recommend using a trusted laundry detergent, but no softeners.

    - Hang dry: garments should be hung and dried in a well ventilated area out of direct or harsh sunlight. Not suitable for machine or tumble dry.

    - Do not iron: not recommended under any circumstances.

    If you follow these guidelines your products will continue to perform for longer to the level you and we expect.

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