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A lightweight and minimal waterproof shell mit to keep your hands dry in wet weather. Sold separately from the Stride Warm Gloves - no inner layer included.

$ 50

Rose Quartz



Windproof and waterproof construced with a 25k / 35k 3 layer membrane to keep your hands dry in wet weather conditions. Designed to create a barrier between you and unforgiving winter conditions.


Minimal weight and easily foldable into your pockets or hydration pack. Designed with a long wrist cuff which can be tightened and adjusted to fit over or under your rain jacket sleeve.


    – 100% Stitch-Free ultrasonic bonding construction
    – Designed for long distance ultra trail and road running
    – Wet weather shell mit
    – Aadjustable wrist
    – Reflective logo detailing for visibility
    – Materials: 100% Polyester / PTFE
    – Weight: 40 grams


    - Hand wash: we recommend washing by hand or (if you need to) by machine wash on a cold and delicate setting inside a laundry bag to prevent damage.

    - Use cold water: hot water will weaken the bonding which allows our products to be 100% Stitch-Free. Water temperature should be set to no more than 30 degrees and we recommend using a trusted laundry detergent, but no softeners.

    - Hang dry: garments should be hung and dried in a well ventilated area out of direct or harsh sunlight. Not suitable for machine or tumble dry.

    - Do not iron: not recommended under any circumstances.

    If you follow these guidelines your products will continue to perform for longer to the level you and we expect.

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