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HNY From Romain Jean De Dieu

Dear Athletes,

2020 has been an incredibly challenging and anxious year for UGLOW as a brand but also for each of you, our families, our health and our sport.

It has also been a year of substantial change & development at the end of which we are the same brand at the core, but have also emerged much stronger.

Following your journey throughout the year has inspired us to keep creating, exploring and developing. Thank you for your belief and for keeping us going.

I promise that as we step into 2021 we will continue to be unique in our style and expression while creating running, cycling and lifestyle apparel which improves comfort and pushes performance.

There is a lot to look forward to & I am grateful for your continued support. We are proud to be part of your journey.

As a global team, let’s make the most of 2021.

Romain Jean De Dieu
UGLOW Sport CEO & Founder