It is always a pleasure to be back to such a nice place @letalonachille .
Today with the shop manager @sebtalotti For the 2019 collection presentation.
Order now for 2019 uglow orders before it is too late.
Get in touch with us should you want your shop to stock uglow. Uglow is the future of sport garment as it delivers more 👉👉👉

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🤔 what to say ?
Mallaurie you are truly inspiring us!
Your latest 7th place on the world championship is mind blowing !
Keep shining little star 💫, we will keep supporting you and making sure U GLOW!
#Repost @mallaurie_mattana
Un week-end comment dire 🤔 AU TOP !!!! 7eme junior femme 🇫🇷😱


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Merci beaucoup pour votre soutien et vos encouragements je suis fière de représenter uglow et je me retrouve tout à fait dans les valeurs de la marque.👍

Bravo championne 😊

Bravo une vraie championne et qui monte UGLOW sur les plus hautes marches des podiums 👍

Congratulations alex for your amazing perf during the latest mountain world championship!
You are a 💫 
#Repost @alex05240
Championnat du monde course en montagne!!
17 eme place et 10 ème européen sur ce parcours de 12km 1100d+- 1h01
Une super expérience avec toute la french team🇫🇷🇫🇷 qui jespère en appellera bien dautre.
@teamoptitraineruglow  @justebio @thuasnesport @serrechevaliervalée @mbtraining @intersport_briançon @uglowsport
How to reconnect mind and body after running through 170 km of mountain uphills and downhills.
Some say like @francesca_canepa_ it is hard to come home because happiness up there is unprecedented.

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La gagnante de l'utmb.. Bravo

Are you ready for a GOLDEN YEAR, with our soon to be released collection MP2019?



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Magnifyyyyque ma cheeerie ;-))))

Wow. Il faudrait ke je teste.

2019 COLLECTION in the making!
New fresh colors and a dozen of new sensational innovations!

3ranges |Running, Lifestyle, Cycling|

« Live naked, wear UGLOW  stitch-free apparel. »

Great year for UglowSport !
And A new collection premiere planed  in 🇺🇸 while on TRE.(Austin NOV 26-30)
Will you be the lucky one to see how we are remodeling the industry standards  with Our products and ranges?

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Bellissima Victoria , bellissima Francesca !!!!
Bravo bravo per questo @utmbmontblanc !
#running #trailrunning #sports #uglowsport #stitchFREE
We are still on a ☁️ with 
@francesca_canepa_ ‘s performance, winning @utmbmontblanc !
Incredible endurance, gorgeous victory after a 170 km fight!
Coming back within top 3 than ranking 1st was not easy, but she mastered her art with perfection.
Congratulations 🎊🍾champion! 
Francesca Canepa, we are immensely proud of your performance.
It seems that UGlow gave you wings !
#trailrunning #running #utmb #uglow


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Admiring the Performance Francesca is showing is LIVE! Pushing her own limits to cross the line 1st.
Crossing our fingers for @francesca_canepa_ !!!!
All behind her for support until she passes it 🏁 !

#uglowsport #sports #trailrunning #utmb


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Elle fait une course énoooorme 👍😋😅😉❤️😍

Elle a fait une remontée d'enfer !!!!

Elle est fantastique !


Bravo 👏👏

Fantastica come il solito!!!!💪

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Dai @francesca_canepa_ !!!
2nd on @utmbmontblanc at the moment! Stay strong ! 

#trailrunning #utmb #uglowsport


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Commandé hier 👍👍

Le lien ne fonctionne pas

NEW COLORS on SHORT SPEED FREE AERO - attachmentImage attachment
Great 3rd place for KEVIN VERMEULEN - UGLOW SWITZERLAND on OCC @utmbmontblanc .
Stunning regularity all along the race ! 
Bravo kevin! Keep on making us proud!

#uglowsport #sport #trailrunning #running
@utmbmontblanc @uglowteam 
Congratulations to all the UGLOW runners engaged on UTMB18!

#uglowsport #trailrunning #sports #running


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Eu Gene Jason Zach Foo new hula shirt

What? This looks brand new😀...

Theo Owen