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Introducing the C-2 Collection

There’s no time like summer. A season of adventure, early sunrises and long nights chasing further, faster and higher.

Typically, summer would be the time to travel and race. With races cancelled or scheduled for later in the year, this is the time to embrace exploration and take the pressure of performance away.

Summer running is about having fun.

There is a feeling of opportunity. A chance to find our groove, traversing ridgelines as far as the long days will allow. An opportunity to escape the day-to-day, remove distractions and re-connect with nature. Fire pits and outdoor showers, cooling off with a chilled beer or spritz al-fresco.

Like any season there is an element of discomfort. Scorching sun and fearless storms will break our stride. Physically we will adapt and find freedom in hard work and sweat. To move fast, we need to pack light and be self-sufficient taking only the essentials.

This summer, we’re introducing the second Capsule Collection of 2020.

The C-2 Collection is a representation of our best sellers and best performers in warmer climates. Romain Jean De Dieu (CEO and Founder) collaborated with his talented sister, Elsa Jean De Dieu, to design the collection. The placement of the Ink Drip pattern visible on the Speed Free Aero 5 and Wide Shorts is completely unique. No two pairs of shorts will be the same.

The result is unique in design and will allow you to pushing the boundaries of performance. Lightweight, breathable, functional and 100% Stitch-Free.

The C-2 Collection was captured in the stunning Swiss countryside and we thank Sebastien and Davina Montaz ( and Jeremie Gachet, for these beautiful images and video footage.

We’re going all in this summer. Are you with us?