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Introducing Le Club 2023

Throughout the last three years, Le Club has continued to grow with 1000+ Members joining the program each year. This has been fantastic for our brand and it has been even more exciting to see Le Club members connecting in person or virtually.

As always, we’ll continue to create our own path.

I hope you will join us.

Romain Jean De Dieu
CEO & Founder UGLOW Sport



Q. I’m an existing Le Club 2022 member, do I still need to apply?
A. Yes please. We encourage everyone to submit an application form so that we can take a look at your profile.
Q. Do members meet in person?
A. We aim to arrange regular meet-ups at races through Europe and maybe in other corners of the globe. Let us know if you’re going to be at one of the big races and we’ll either see you there or give you a shoutout amongst the rest of Le Club to see if anyone from the rest of the team has the same plans.
Q. Do I need to be a competitive athlete to apply?
A. Le Club 2023, is open to all skill levels and ability…send us your application!
Q. Can I be affiliated with other brands at the same time?
A. Le Club members are welcome to affiliate with other apparel brands as this is not a brand sponsorship or partnership program. We just ask that you respect fellow members and our brand image.
Q. Will I need to pay shipping fees when I apply my Le Club 2023 member code to an order?
A. As your order will already be discounted we are not able to apply free international shipping as well.
Q. If my application is successful, does this mean I’ll be an Ambassador for the brand?
A. Not quite. Le Club 2023 members are our #1 fans and we are theirs. We don’t ask for any more than that.
Q. What are the benefits of being a member?
A. Early access to collection releases and exclusive discounts storewide. You’ll also become part of our global network.
Q. Will I receive a discount code for my community to purchase UGLOW apparel?
A. We encourage you to tell your community about our brand, but we won’t be providing you with a incentive code for you to share. The best way to include your friends is to ask them to become a member of Le Club 2023.
Q. Once I submit my application, how long will it take for you to notify me if my application is successful?
A. We’re aiming to respond to all applications within 7 days.
Q. How do I activate my membership?
A. All successful applicants will be provide with a unique member code which unlocks discounts via our online store. We ask all members to activate their membership by purchasing a minimum of one items of any value within two weeks of becoming a member, and to enter your ID in order to activate it with this first purchase.
Q. I have another question, which isn’t explained above. Who can I get in touch with?
A. Please email
Next Steps…
  • 1) Fill out the application form via the below link
  • 2) Wait to see if your application is successful. All successful applicants will be notified in the first week of October
  • 3) Activate your membership by making your first purchase using the exclusive code included in the email
  • 4) Look out for another email to join the Le Club 2023 Facebook group
  • 5) Hangout with the Le Club 2023 community online and share Le Club 2023 globally