Uglow is a French brand that develops authentic running products in its own factory since 2011. All of our expertise aims to bring a new sense of comfort and practicality to our customers. Our high quality fabrics and state of the art assembly methods, allow for spectacular flexibility and durability. We have succeeded in channeling technologic-breakthroughs such as STITCHFREE products using THERMO-bonding, ULTRASONIC bonding as well as Magnetic zipless pockets. ChaffingFREE, light weight, and increased comfort
are our core specialties and make-up the DNA of Uglow.
Magnetize™, rids users from the conventional zippers by providing them with a new level of agility and ergonomy. It allows faster and safer gestures to open or close pockets or collars when running.

We are proud to share that Uglow is currently worn by top athletes across the world.


Technologies we master:

Stitch FREE bonding
Magnetic zipless pockets (Magnetize™)
Lazer cutting
Fabric R&D
Membrane R&D

Uglow works with Top athletes Across the World to develop its products.

Our Mission

To encourage fitness and exercise, by manufacturing and suppling quality sportswear to men and women across the globe.


Uglow’s style is unique. Its elaborate design and technology has been carefully researched by answering the needs and wants of the most affluent athletes of today. No other brand on the market is comparable to what Uglow offers: our garments are stitchless, zipless, water resistant, visible by night and ultra comfortable. We have essentially pushed the limits of modern day garment engineering. To date, we remain the #1 worldwide recognised brand for being 100% stitchFREE!

All our products are hand made and each piece reflects the “know how” and quality of the brand. Our factory employees have been with us from the early beginnings and they laboriously carry out our production expertise on a daily basis. We are proud of disserving outstanding craftsmanship meshed with innovative technology.
Uglow sport products have been designed with an aim of perfection, bringing forth clean cuts and using advanced technology for the assembly features which allow our garments to be stitchless as zipless. Wearing Uglow is a stamp of quality and uniqueness for those choosing comfort and advanced features in their performance.